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Voice Over IP and Internet Services

True Dedicated Internet T1 Circuits
All connections are dedicated circuits and are not shared with any other client circuits. A truly dedicated connection means that your local loop is assigned specifically for your organization and not shared with a neighboring connected client. This will not only increase your conenction speed but also reduce many associated network problems which can occur.

True Managed Connections
3rd Echelon understand that many providers will offer managed connections. What they are referring to is the circuit and connection to the Internet at their location. That is, the circuit is managed at their local POP or Point Of Presence, which then connects to their Internet or accessible network. Although what others may offer as a managed connection certainly is fine, we have decided to raise the bar. Megaphat will forego the expenses for you and what you will receive for the same price as the competitors will amaze you!

- Managed firewall (Cisco PIX, Firewall-1, SonicWall, or any other firewall system you provide)
- Multiple IP Addressing (Internet Routable, locally routable or both)
- NAT Security (Any IP schema you prefer)
- Managed DNS hosting (Unlimited domain names)
- 100Mb managed hosted website (2Gb per month throughput)
- 10 POP3 email accounts (Unlimited Storage) protected by Megaphat Philter

Data T1 Services Pricing
Wide Area or Internet Data Services
With Megaphat Industries as your connection to the best prices in the New York City area, we can offer you these amazing prices:

Bring Your Own Local Loop Service
$199.95 per month

Standard Rate T1 Internet Access Service

$349.95 per month

- 1, 2 and 3 year contracts available
- 24/7 support
- Unlimited public IP Addresses

*Speeds above the standard T-1 connection have negotiable price ranges. Call for information.

Voice Over IP Services provided by Vonage
Business plans for Voice Over IP services has never been easier! Your corporation can now enjoy business Voice Over IP at affordable rates! You can have 8, 16, and even 24 lines, have your numbers ported and save big with the plans only available from premium resellers like 3rd Echelon!

8 lines, 12k outbound minutes, unlimited inbound minutes only $299.95 per month!
16 lines, 25k outbound minutes, unlimited inbound minutes only $599.95 per month!

24 lines, 50k outbound minutes, unlimited inbound minutes only $999.95 per month!
For more information about our Data connectivity services or to inquire about our new voice services, please contact us.