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Network Services

-Network Security Auditing

Understanding the traffic on your network is probably one of your first and foremost concerns. Knowing whether your network is properly working, your network services are performing at optimal levels, are your users accessing the required resources, is your network security intact, and knowing what your users are doing all help you understand your network utilization. Measuring and gauging these items are so important that you should not ever simply assume "all is alright", as many do. Know the intracacies of your network and how it is utlized should be one of your top priorities. Megaphat can certainly make a difference. Using the most advanced performance tools, network monitoring systems and custom-designed software tools to monitor your network traffic and devices, our netwok engineers can give ou specific details when it comes to securing your networks.

-Network Services Integration
Your network is ever growing and expanding to provide new and extensive services. Domain Name Services, Web Services, Mail and Messaging Services, File Transfer Services, Virtual Private Networking and Database Services to just name a few, can be the direction that your organization will be headed. Megaphat can show you how these service integrations can be cost-effective and easy to install, configure and manage.

-Network Infrastructure Modeling and Migration Planning
The growth of any organization requires the growth of their network infrastructure. This can only be accomplished if the experience and expertise to do the job are available. Megaphat has the experience and the expertise. Our team of engineers will help your organization design and implement the network infrastructure model that best meets the your requirements as well as provide planning for future implementations.