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Commerce Gateway Solutions
As a leader in Internet Commerce, Megaphat is dedicated to providing the latest in cutting-edge Commerce technologies. Our services and solutions have been specifically designed to address the many needs of Internet commerce as your organizational requirements grow.

Our gateway systems provide users access to information and resources which require a degree of security, which normally would require a string amount of development.
Portable Gateway
A unique approach to security gateway systems, this incredible breakthrough has proven to be a viable solution to any portable web-gateway requirement. When you need to keep your gateway systems small and mobile, this is the choice for you. Full user database exportation provides even greater mobility for this amazing system.
Application Gateway Solution
Within every organization, there is the neccessity for your clients to be able to access account information. Whether tracking, shipping, order history, product lookup, interconnectivity with major database sources (such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, AS400-DB2), your demand can be met with our AGS products.
Commerce Payment Gateway
Your business depends on your customer being able to make their payments without concerns of personal fincial security. Megaphat offers complete flexibility and completely secured transaction in this easy-to-use gateway system. Transaction tracking and management and data exporting make this the premier choice in Payment Commerce Gateways.
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