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RS232C Communications Port Library

RS232C is not a new concept, just one which has been taken away from the conventional means of using the COMM communications ports on a personal computer. With standard ActiveX controls and alternative libraries, a developer either does not have full communications port accessibility or the control/library issues commands to the port without the developers' knowledge.

RS232C does exactly what it is told to do. It is a relatively simple task once wrapped properly. That is exactly what we have done, offer an alternative to an unwrapped system for communications. Although RS232C was specifically designed for use with the communications port, it may not be limited to such use. It can be used for a wider aspect of development as well however, other capabilities and features of alternative communications methods may be limited.

RS232C is offered at no cost as an evaluation tool. Windows developers may download and develop using RS232C for free with limited use restrictions. RS232C is not intended for commercial use. For a commercial use and release license, please contact the Megaphat sales group at

Included in the downloadable package is the SDK to accompany the RS232C CPL.
No further support will be available online. If you need additional support with RS232C CPL, please contact the Megaphat support group at

Here are some samples of possible uses for the Megaphat RS232C CPL:
- Telecommunications
- PC to PC Direct Communications
- Smart Card Applications
- Micro-Processor/Control Unit Programming
- Portable Device Applications
- Control Systems Monitoring