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Megaphat POS-iX Retail Systems
Megaphat Industries has worked with a great number of retail establishments in the development and testing of their new Integrated Point-Of-Sale system, POS-iX (pronounced Paas - ee - X). POS-iX is revolutionary in the way that it offers developers an open platform SDK to create scalable modules that can integrate into POS-iX.
At it's core, POS-iX is a robust transaction management system that instantly integrates multiple aspects of Point-Of-Sale. Unlike other POS platforms, POS-iX offers integration, scalability, 3rd-party development modules and a development platform as well as more than just the standard POS features.
A sample of features available are:
- Transaction management
- Customer management
- Invoice management
- Refunds and Voids
- Y Reports and Z Reports
- Sales reports
- Employee tracking
- Customer tracking
- Cash draw payables management
- Inventory management
- Bulk item pricing
- Tax exemption transactions
- Unlimited inventory warehouses
- Industry-specific customizable
- Customizable interfaces
- Transaction recall
- Easy receipt/invoice reprint
At the heart of POS-iX is Megaphat's ePak commerce engine. This highly scalable system allows for seamless integration from Application-To-Web (ATW). This is a patented technology that Megaphat has designed and constantly enhances for nearly 6 years.

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