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Megaphat Philter Gateway

Megaphat Industries was called by the Bachman Group regarding a mail server experiencing extremely high-traffic. It was estimated that network traffic was increased by more than 700%. Over 300 spam messages were being sent through the Bachman Group mail server. Although mail relaying was restricted by the host, the sender apparently found a way around this restriction.

The Bachman Group was so overwhelmed by this that they could not even utilize their own network connection. With the use of the Megaphat Philter Gateway and the proper configuration of DNS BL Databases, 99% of the spam was stopped before it even entered into the Bachman Group's mail server.

"Many thanks to Megaphat Industries, NYC ( for
their incredible work", was quoted by Steve Bachman, President of the Bachman Group.

"They also tracked down the people in Taiwan that were behind the attack. I am currently running a program that they created called 'Philter'. This program is, as I type this letter, handling over 300 attacks per minute from this outfit in Taiwan, they don't give up easily. These attacks are being stopped long before they can cause the system any more problems."
As pleased as the Bachman Group may be with the results of Philter, we are pleased that Philter can help them not only prevent the abuse of their mail server, abuse of their bandwidth and abuse of their vital resources. We are also pleased to see that they have found such significant results with the Philter Gateway.

Coincidentally, the aforementioned client experienced an extremely vicious attack only a week later. An unknown IP address was sending over 150 connection attempts per second causing a near Denial Of Service to the Bachman Group network servers. In all 11 hours of the attack, approximately 800,000 connections were blocked by these attempts with the help of Megaphat's Philter Gateway. The Bachman Group was very pleased by the results.