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Megaphat Philter Gateway
E-Mail marketing companies, mailing lists, unwanted mail, whatever the source or reason somehow we receive this amazing amount of electronic junk mail also known as Spam. Whether they want you to sign up for a new service, join a club, look at photos, sell you merchandise, or even the spread of infectous programs such as virii or trojans, we do not care for their sending us their unwanted mail.
How can we stop it? Unsubscribing to these sources only seems to increase the frequency that we receive them. Sometimes when we unsubscribe we receive even a greater amount of unwanted mail and by more sources. Unsubscribing, as a rule of thumb, does not work.
Philter is a solution that is affordable and reliable to address this problem. Philter uses a technology called DNSBL, which checks the IP address of an incoming mail connection. It then verifies that this IP address, and it's corresponding host IP address is not listed in a Black-Listed database. If so, the connection is not permitted and the potential SPAM is avoided.
There are opponents to using DNSBL technolgy claiming that they are falsly blacklisted, but if an IP address is listed in the database, it can easily be removed by a host administrator. Proponents for DNSBL claim that it is a proven technology and feel strongly about the ability to prevent unwanted email. Megaphat joins the proponents of DNSBL and has experienced a 92% reduction in SPAM with the use of the Megaphat Philter Gateway service.

Here are some features that Philter has to offer:
-Administrative configuration tool
-Unlimited Domains under a single server
-Real Time monitoring of incoming connections
-Manual prevention of IP address connections
-Configuration of SBL/RBL databases
-Administrative provided message to denied connections
-Fully configurable remote mail handling system (3rd party)

-Configurable selection of SBL/RBL blocking types
-Runs as a system service
-Configurable listening sockets for memory enhancement
-Manual exceptions for approved connections
-Detailed logging and reporting
-Extremely cost effective

How you can benefit from Philter:
-Philter prevents unwanted connections preserving your bandwidth consumption
-Philter is on a per-server basis, not per-domain or per-user which is more cost effective
-Philter is priced accordingly and competively to similar products
-Philter utilizes minimal system resources and memory by acting as a gateway service
-Philter can be installed on Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 (server or workstation)
-Philter offers comprehensive reporting and statistics
-Philter provides a real-time monitor for all incoming activity
-Philter can be priced for multiple servers (discounts may apply)
-Philter integrates an Auto To Manual Black Listing Service (ATMBLS) to save bandwidth
utilization (reduced lookups)