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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions which are not addressed on this page regarding e-Pak, or any of our products and services, please drop a line to with your questions and comments.
Q: What is e-Pak?
: e-Pak is a cost-effective solution for e-commerce which provides an organization with the most essential tools and applications necessary to conduct online transactions.
Q: How do I use e-Pak?
A: In short, you really don't. e-Pak is self-sufficient and all it requires is a simple setup. Once e-Pak is setup, all you have to do is control your product inventory as often as you like and generate your reports for your online transactions using e-Pak's built in applications.
Q: I have more than one employee at my company which will be running reports, managing inventory, handling shipping and the accounting. How simple will it be to set up new user accounts with e-Pak for all of this?
: Very simple. With the administrative applications provided along with e-Pak, all an e-Pak administrator needs to do is provide that user information and set their security level.
Q: How secure are the transactions that take place with e-Pak?
: All transactions are secured by the methods of security your organization subscribes to. Any certificate authority system can be used to secure your transactions to provide your customers with impenetrable security. This is integrated into the billing areas of the e-Pak transactional processing system.
Q: Can I set up multiple e-commerce sites with e-Pak?
A: This all depends on the licensing method of e-Pak which you choose. With e-Pak Single Site licensing, you may be required to puchase multiple licenses depending on your e-commerce model. With e-Pak Enterprise, you only need to purchase the proper number of licenses for each site.
Q: How many shopping carts wil e-Pak manage?
: e-Pak will manage and preserve over one-million shopping carts in the system. All shopping carts are stored in the database. If the shopping cart has been checked out, then e-Pak will automatically purge that shopping cart upon completion of checkout into the order entry system. Shopping cart life-spans are configurable.
Q: How do i go about modifying my web content on an e-Pak site?

A: Web content is located in HTML format and appropriately named for each page. The online documents will guide you through the process of modifying your web content by demonstrating the use of content templates with the site maps. Using any HTML editing program, you can easily modify your content display page for the look and feel of your site. All product data is dynamic content and is stored in the content database (CDB).