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e-commerce made easy!
E-commerce has grown in recent times and to maintain reliable means of allowing your customers the ability of conducting online transactions, a reseller may choose an e-commerce solution which is simple and cost-effective. of course, that is what we all want. But at what price does this come? Lack of scalability? Lack of administration? Lack of reporting? Not at all!
ePak was designed specifically to address all of these concerns. With simple to use administrative wizards, management and inventory control, site development and multiple-user security, ePak is clearly the only solution for your online transactions.
The concept behind ePak is quite amazing. Rather than using cgi forms, which reference programs that store information and/or create dynamic content, ePak uses dynamic data to create dynamic content. This is all done using the amazing ePak commerce engine (ece).
ePak offers organizations the ability to use it's amazing power of e-commerce for multiple sites, inventory warehouses, billing processes, customer databases and more!
Here are some features that ePak has to offer:
-Easy Web-Based Inventory Control with product importation
-Advanced fast, reliable and secure shopping cart system
-Simple Web Report Generation with exporting to MS Office
-Web-Based Database Management
-Configurable Billing Process with 3rd party intgegration
-Full Visual Studio Integration

-Web-Based Content Management
-Easy User Administration
-Scalable Web Interface
-Easy Installation
-Windows NT and SSL Integrated Security

-Multiple Site Configurable (Enterprise Edition)