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Megaphat Industries creates a strategic alliance with 3rd Echelon and Avid Enterprise Solutions

3rd Echelon is a New York based networking provider with connection speeds capable of over 1Gb/s. 3rd Echelon is presently offering connectivity of 1.54Mb/s T-1 lines, 45Mb/s T3/DS3 lines and greater.

Avid has begun their rollout of Echelon services to their client base and Megaphat was there with them. With the id of the experienced at Megaphat, 3rd Echelon has formed a new Voice Over IP provisioning group. The services of the voice provisioning group will be available to all existing clients as well as new client.

March 3rd, 2005 - New York
Avid Enterprise Solutions joins forces with Megaphat Industries and 3rd Echelon. Avid Enterprise Solutions provides on site installation, plannaing and support for mid and large corporations within the New York City area. Migration, integrations and network topology infrastructure design are just a few of the specialties that Avid provides their client base. This alliance will prove extremely effective as now all aspects of micro technologies are covered with this trio of specialty companies.

May 5th, 2004 - New York
Today Megaphat Industries has formed an alliance with 3rd Echelon Network Services. This alliance will prove effective as each participant maintains their specialization. Megaphat for evolving technologies and implementation.

3rd Echelon will be taking the role of the Voice and Data Network provider capable of fulfilling the needs of any size organization. Voice services can be provided at any level including trunked or non-channelized services. Data services can be provided for Internet connectivity or secured Wide Area Networking.

Megaphat will offer their unique touch of providing customizable solutions. Using state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge techniques, Megaphat can certainly provide customers with solutions that are often thought of as unthinkable.
Together, the union of the three create a stronger, more specified harmony of technical expertise. For more information about this alliance or for an inquiry of services available, please click here to contact us.