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About Megaphat Industries

Megaphat Industries is a Research and Development firm dedicated to the creation and discovery of cutting edge technologies. Our goal is to embrace knowledge, create technologies that could have a wide-span of applications and develop one or more applications based on the technology created, or pre-existing technologies that may have been otherwise under utilized.

Our team of developers and engineers help ensure that they see what is needed in any industry and that our clients connect with the results that we create. From the start, our push has been minimal and our growth has been increasing. Megaphat realizes that the growth is due to the necessities of industries and our ability to provide the completed solution to meet the level of application.

Megaphat has a strong background working with corporate clients such as Accenture, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Motorola, American Express, General Motors, Toyota, Globix, MCI, Sprint, BellSouth, HP/Compaq, Dynamic International and more.

Megaphat Industries has developed and helped streamline technologies for industries that provide results on any level of performance and produce support channels that help clients create a platform of stability. Some of the technologies we have developed are:

  • Prepaid credit card services
  • Secured smart-chip card services
  • Travelers credit systems
  • Web-based content management
  • Automotive driver-assist systems
  • Global network monitoring and alerting
  • Voice automation systems
  • Enhanced Customer Relationship Management systems
  • Cross-platform system data portability
  • Dynamic functional export technology
  • Client security tracking and accountability systems
If your corporation would like more information about Megaphat's technology development services, platform support services or application services, please contact us.