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WebFACE Content Management
The ultimate in-browser website management tool! Formerly known as the Megaphat DCM, WebFACE redefines how your company should manage web content.

Known as Web 2.0 to some, this method employs DHTML, Active Server technology and Asynchronous Javascript and ActiveX (AJAX).
Megaphat Philter Gateway
Antispam / junkmail prevention technology is growing stronger with MPG. Megaphat expects a release for MPG v2 by the end of Q2 2005. This incredible Windows server product provides greater options and features than most other spam prevention products.
Megaphat Retail Solutions
Megaphat Industries has been working with retail industry leaders since it's inception in 1999. Our team of experienced managers and developers have been working closely with this industry for nearly 20 years. Now Megaphat would like to introduce our standard platform framework for universal POS applications that will prove to be unmatched!
VOIP and Data Services
Megaphat, along with the alliance of 3rd Echelon can now offer clients incredible pricing for VOIP and data services. Starting at $199.95 per month for a fully managed 1.54mb/s T-1 line, Megaphat will help you determine which connection is right.
ePak receives thanks from consumers everywhere! One of the most expandable, programmable, customizable and easy to use eCommerce systems ever designed.

Import / Export inventory, manage unlimited virtual warehouses, sales and staff management, order and shipment management, configurable and dynamic shipping estimates.
Megaphat Partners
Megaphat Corporation forms an alliance with Avid Enterprise Solutions. This alliance will prove effective as each participant maintains their specialization. Megaphat for evolving technologies and implementation and Avid for unsurpassed consulting.