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*Updated January 31st, 2003
After a year of development, vbExport v2 is ready for release. Megaphat Industries is pleased to release vbExport v2 in Q1 on February 17 of 2003. To find out about our trial edition of which allows you to test the power of vbExport v2, click the Sign Up link below.

vbExport has become known as a breakthrough in exporting technology allowing Visual Basic developers to export functions created with Visual Basic without requiring any third-party DLL's, OCX's or other required distributables (other than the standard Visual Basic Run Time Libraries).

This opens a whole new world of development for Visual Basic developers who have the need to create application Plug-ins, system hooks and more.

vbExport can provide Visual Basic developers the flexibility to create ISAPI extensions and plug-ins. Critical code can be developed quickly and easily rather than having to use any third-party development tools.

vbExport provides you the power of creating full native code exportable functions (stdcall is presently the only type supported). vbExport works seemlessly with Visual Basic as an Add-In to compile your DLL, EXE and even OCX with your exported functions. Your project does not require any external DLL's or OCX's other than those normally required by your project.